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Maipenrai MC is an Independent Motorcycle Club and had it`s start in 2003 when it first had the name Nordic Riders. The desire for a new name and logo made it`s entry, so then Maipenrai MC was born, at the historic date 06.02.2004! On a very short notice the name and logo was given, just like it is today. Maipenrai MC Thailand & Maipenrai MC Nomads claim no territory!

About the persons that started the club, have history from clubs home in Norway, some came from Renegade MC in Pattaya and some was new in the game. Maipamrai MC have it`s mother chapter in Pattaya but also chapters in Chiang Mai and Koh Samui. Maipenrai MC also have the NOMADS chapter North-East on the hemisphere who is around and about in Norway and in other countries on different happenings! The mutual thing we have in common is the brotherhood, bikes & all the rides, the BIG party and all that biker life gives us!!

Maipenrai MC runs after a fair-minded law and there bye everybody are equal members. Maipenrai is a word that all Thai like to hear. It means, It doesn’t mater, it`s OK, no problem etc. That’s why we selected this name, because Maipenrai MC is for people who enjoy life and all that Thailand and the rest of the biker world pleasure gives us. Maipenrai MC have the regular Wednesdays ride from Wonderful Bar 3, Jomtien - Pattaya.

Maipenrai MC is a active club with the throttle down and we are often out on the road and on many different bike weeks across the world! Contact persons you will find on the members page.

Maipenrai MC has also sale on shirts, stickers, patches etc. so for those who wants a fabulous nice shirt, RUN AND BUY!

You can also find us on our Facebook pages @
www.facebook.com/groups/MaipenraiMC & www.facebook.com/funinthesunrally

As many of you know, our dear Thailand President Mr. X have suffered a stroke! He have now moved back home to Soi Kopai 4 and a nurse will be there and help the family out with the daily challenges in life, but to help him with medical follow-up and a long period of reconfiguring valency, he needs help! Please donate as much as you can because everything helps in this matter!!

All Contributions to Mr. X are welcome on Norwegian account number: 1207.12.41414

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Maipenrai MC

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