Mosten MC Raceday, Denmark

What a weekend this should become! Thursday 29.august -13 Maipenrai MC Nomads went for a roadtrip that would be the best trip of this year.

Mr. Erlend & Mr. Steven came from Bergen via Gjøvik, together with Mr. Knut and met the rest of Maipenrai MC Nomads in Oslo at a lockal gasoline station where also Mr. Olle, Mr. Åge & Mr. Karl met up to join us this weekend. Mr. Inge & Mr. Karl could not join us, but they followed us a bit on the way to Sweden. The day after Mr. Elling came from south Norway to join us and also Mr. Jan Roger from Scan Hogs MC, Thailand came from Tønsberg with his new investment, a shovelhead long fork to join us.

We had a fantastic ride true Sweden and G
othenburg and down to Helsingborg where we took the ferry over to Helsingør, Denmark. Then we went over to the Island Fyn where we met our good friend Carlo from Nomad Rider MC, Thailand who had a surprise with free tickets for the whole weekend to us.. THANKS, DUDE!!

And a ending with a Norwegian victory in both Mosten Raceday and Nordic Cup for Super Twin Top Fuel Bike with the time 4.31 with the team from Lena-Norway, made this weekend just perfect ;)

See you next year Mosten MC!

The boys are ready for take-off!

Yet another Norwegian shopping "castle" in Sweden..

You can say we had some hot-dog stops on our way down south..

Waiting on the ferry at Helsingborg.

And we even got some new Swedish friends...

Meeting Mr. Carlo to get some free weekend tickets.

Finally the camp is up and running..!

The boys up and jumping and ready for breakfast..

After breakfast we hit the racetrack..!

Early in the morning and people are checking out the qualification..

In the pitt..

The young boys at the Mosten truck..

..what a sight..On our way to meet Mr. Elling who came from Kristiansand.

At last our dear Mr. Elling joined us as Mosten MC.

..and then (some of the) Maipenrai MC Nomad was happily reunited in Denmark!

And we also got company from Mr. Jan Roger Scan Hogs MC, Thailand with his new shovelhead long fork!

And two happy guys who got some more Mosten $..

Some belive in Satan and some belive in Angels..

One badass dragcar..

..with a badass engine..

..with one badass service truck..

..and three badass drinkers..

..well, four badass drinkers...

Some guys have all the luck..


Then the noise started..

V12 27liters engine.. w/BBQ!

Breakfast is the most importent meal of the day, Mr. Olle..

After som more dragrace we went back to the Camp to check out the bikes, and this was what greeted us...

Mr. Tananga and Denmark`s highest tent had also recevied a impact.. and beeing the good dad he is, tried Mr. Erlend to fix the problem...but with no luck!!

Our campsite neighbors..

Well well, back to dragrace and the party..

..and they where just about kickstarting yet another Topfuel car, something we could noticed from a distance..

Mr. Jan Roger enjoying the beautiful Mosten MC Race Day..

And of course there`s no good bikeweek without a good ratbike..

And this one must be one of the best we`ve seen in long time :)

Then it was time for some live music again at Mosten MC..

BACK in BLACK made a fabulous evening on stage with their coversongs!

Mr. Tananga doesn`t need the tent up to sleep...Just dress yourself with the tent and it`s all good..!

Maipenrai MC NOMADS had a good run on almost 1400km.

Thanks to all the guys who joined this fabulous great weekend at Mosten MC RaceDay and we are already planning next year run, so see you then Mosten MC!

Best regards,
MPR MC Nomad