Thursday 20.06.13 did the Maipenrai MC Nomads Oslo meet the ANMC Thailand for the Swedish Midsummer party. A great weekend with great friends once again! Thanks again guys for the fantastic party.

Border..Nothing to declare..!!

Somewhere in Sweden...

Straight out with the boys on a boat trip.

And we`re all enjoying..

...some cold refreshments...

Beer & Cigars!

Making ready for the Midsummer dinner and what a lovely dinner, guys!

Socializing over a fantastic dinner!

A stroller can be used to so much..

And on midsummer party they have games of many different kind for big and small..

Good friends...


Headlines in Sweden:
This is how they tricked you buying suspiciously dangerous strawberry...

BBQ at night time and so sick good!!

Back home we don`t take the easy way of transport...

...but the fun way!

Ended up on almost 1300km with FUN.

Best regards,