Summer trip 2012

Monday 25. june our big charity tour started. The trip was 3800 km long (plus/minus for some). Sjanten had already head started from Chiang Mai a couple of days before and Mr. Ulf and Mr. Torgeir started from Pattaya, then the trip vent to Koh Samui with an overnight stop in Hua Hin. In Suratthani we met up with Mr. Espen, for so going to Koh Samui and finish off FUN in the SUN vol. 2, and plan vol. 3!

We have made a new deal with Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort about Vol. 3 and because this will happen in their peak season, they would give us the price 2000,-THB a night per room include breakfast. This is 50% off normal price. We will have live music, entertainment, beer & food stalls, nice weather and beautiful people :) Keep watching our web site and Facebook for further updates about the happenings and info for 11th & 12th January 2013!!

After everything was settled in Koh Samui we headed to Sukhothai to say hello to Mr. Thore from Burapa MC. We said goodbye to Mr. Ulf when we passed BKK. After a delicious dinner at Mr. Thores home, and a night out in Sukhothai,  Mr. Thore joined us to Chiang Mai. After a night in Chiang Mai Mr. Thore had to drive back, but Mr. Tom and Mrs. Marati joined us for the many curved trip up to Mae Hong Son. The trip was finally fulfilled after we had met some lovely long neck ladies, and then we headed south again.

Ferry in Bangkok. Half way thru the traffic nightmare.

First stop Hua Hin. A cold beer before check inn at hotel.

Mr. Espen met us in Suratthani to guide us to the island of Samui.

Ok, we will save you Mr. Espen, but then you buy first round in the bar!

Sexy man..

Viper Room Bar and Sang Som Rider got a new member. Mr. Mark is the name.

Mr. Torgeir eventually found his long lost son! But doesn`t he look a little bit...confused...?

Buddy hotel. The bikes start to line up before we go to Lamai primary school.

Mr. Sjanten seems to enjoy this Dark Knight chopper.

Nice bike..

Putting up the giftstand so TV & newspapers can get a good look..

The school girls bringing thirsty bikers a drink. Good educated children at this school. Must be the computers.

The kids are coming and line up for the photoshoot.

Mr. Lee informing how he wants the shoot and the rest of us are...just listening..

This helps the school alot and the education gets 10 times more interesting for all the kids.

The lineup...

The children happy and cheering.

Importent picture! They DO drink Coke & Soda also...

Boat trip. Yoo hoo….

The one who sleeps does not sin, even if it looks like Mr. Ulf have heard or seen something..

Mr. Ulf does look like a little smurf here, dont he?

It`s in Thailand where all the action happens..

...not only a truck down, but also a Fortuner..

Luckely this enden all OK, which is against normal...

Mr. Espen does some charity in Hua Hin.

The smiles are back after we manage to pass BKK.

Mr. Thore meet us just before Sukhothai and guide us to the hotel.

Mr. Thore & Mrs. Siri invited us for dinner. Incredible good food and drinks, thanks!

Morning in Sukhotai. Guys, you look a little tired.

Breakfast at the old city of Sukhothai before setting the course for Chiang Mai.

Only a ninja can kill a ninja, let’s get out of here!

Johns place, Chiang Mai.

Mr. Espen does some charity again.

A stop on the way to Mae Hong Son.

Lunch in Pai.

Happy bikers at Kiew - Lom View point.

Finally Mae Hong Son. Look at those handsome young men...with their new walking-sticks...

And there were beautiful women there too..

Mr. Torgeir and Mr. Espen are proud to get the certificate for riding the 1864 curves to Mae Hong Son.

Mr. Torgeir did at last find it and it`s love, true love!

And Mr. Espen managed to do some charity for the Burmese refugees..

Anyone know where we are??

We say goodbye, no not goodbye but untill next time, to Sjanten in Hot. He’s going back to Chiang Mai and Mr. Espen and Mr. Torgeir going south.

  One night in...Thoen... F¤/# worst bed in Thai! And no, we will not tell you the name of the hotel, just to save your back and asses from a hell of a bad bed!! Because you`ll never stop here anyway..

Mr. Espen on his American.

Mr. Espen and Mr. Torgeir says not goodbye, but take care untill next time, before BKK. Mr. Espen goes to Suratthani and Mr. Torgeir to Pattaya. "eple"

A good Iron Butt Ride for Mr. Espen that day... 1 252km in 15hours
Thanks for a wonderful trip, dudes

And be prepared for the FUN in the SUN Rally Vol. 3!!

Best regards,