North trip 2011

Monday 18.july 3 happy campers from MPR MC and Torbjørn jumped on their bikes and headed north. But first we had to celebrate happy birthday at Torbjørn`s place and a couple of drinks at Lion alias Løven of course. Lovley trip up along the easternside of Thailand. The trip went via Petchanbun, Uttaradit, where we did meet up with Mr. Tom and Marita and suddenly we was 6 happy campers. Then Nan, Chiang rai, Chiang mai and down to Ayutthaya. There we split up and Torgeir & Torbjørn went to Pattaya and Espen to Koh Samui.

Everybody happy and Torbjørn is one year older..

Like Per says it: Rumors that Harley people have more chance in the ladies department, is hereby confirmed

Breakfast before we are off.

First gassoline stop after 200km.

Without coffee and drinks even a genius can not survive..

Then we was at Burapa Hotel in Petchabun and some ice cold beer was waiting.

The morning after started with a dead HD. And we thought it could be the battery..

Suddenly Lek showed up from nowhere and a mechanic was ordered..

Who could establish that the o-ring was the problem! The original HD o-ring did not cope with 6l gasohol..

But the copy do, but then lets stick to 91bensin to be sure. Happy camper again

The Castrol Bike Point in Petchabun.

Then some more waiting because we had another sick bike with us..

But after 10min everything was back to OK!

20min after we had been in the garage, the rain came..

So we parked inside the restaurant.. relax and..

..get som food!

water reefil..

..and some music at the pitstop.

In Uttaradit we met Mr. Tom & Marita who came from Chiang mai to meet up with us.

Had to take another foto so we could se Tom and Per smile...and get Torbjørn on the photo at the same time.

Morning after it was breakfast, or should I say coffee time before we took off again.

Then the rain came and met us again, but no crying for that reason.

only some refil on the water front

Marita is hanging loose

We had a beautiful trip over the mountain on road 1148, just Fantastic!

"on the top of the world"

Torgeir & Espen trying to handel the camera..

..and vips it was OK.

Just lovley.

With nice curves.

Laos all the way in the back.

Mr. Per`s holiday cottage.

Small stop in a mountain village and Marita found some new friends.

The local restaurant.


Mr. Green & Mr. Blue

Hello Chiang Mai.

Just checked in at the hotel and got our self some cold drinks.

At Mr. Per`s place with a couple of Beer Laos before we go to see Mr. Fred at the factory..

Then we are checking the quality at the factory where Mr. Fred make Norwegian nasjonal suits.

And Mr. Torgeir found a new friend and they are ready to take picture of each other

here the embroidery department.

Torgeir checking out the used car shop to Marita.

And her Triumph which is also for sale.

And then we was invited at Maritas sons restaurant for some delicious food..

..and drinks..

..with the lokal boarder police.

Thanks for a great evening!

Then a small meeting in the happy street before it`s off to bed and on the way to Ayutthaya for Torgeir, Espen & Torbjørn.

A very nice trip on 7 days and around 2800Km and thanks to all who attended.

Best regards,