FUN in the SUN RALLY w/Maipenrai MC Vol. 2

7th to 11th December 2011 Maipenrai MC had their annual Charity party, FUN in the SUN RALLY w/Maipenrai MC.

This year we made it over 4 full days and damn how we enjoyed it! We had different happenings like beer stalls, food stalls, 101 Rider from bangkok had stunt show for 3 days, big day with 200 kids from Lamai Elementary School with ice cream and looking at motorcycles. We had the fabulous band The Black Rose playing some insane Rock`n Roll for us and we went out with the "dinghy" Roselyne Yacht for some snorkeling and sunbathing.

This year we had made two kind of shirts and believe it or not we were sold out during the day on Saturday! Total, we sold a little over 250 shirts these four day... WoW - Fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came by Buddy Samui and bought a shirt from us, you guys rock!

We also need to say THANK YOU ALL to the sponsors of this event during these wonderful days at Lamai, Koh samui and Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort. You guys are just incredible. We also have to say THANKS to Buddy Samui for the team work and we are proud to work with you all!
The magical amount we raised on this year charity was 87,151.56,- THB something we are very pleased with!

This year t-shirts.

Couple of days before it all starts and some beer and small talk..

Ohms new darling (Dark Knight MC)

Everyone gets there new shirts at Mulligans..

Small talk and some planning before it all kicks off..

Morning on day two was devoted to a trip out on the Thai Gulf for some relaxation.

So we took the "dinghy", Roselyne and went for a joy ride

Inside it was food & beverage serving..

And outside you could do some fishing...

Or just hang(loose)around and enjoy!

We had of course some quality time on the beach...Hey, its Koh Samui.

The bar was alot in use and I wonder why..

Night time on the 8th we had a super time at Viper Room Bar with food & drinks and a hell of alot socialization.. Super night guys!

And of course Mr. "Sverre" was in the best shape ever

Mr. Uff doing what he likes best..

Then 101 Rider had a super stunt show outside the bar... Pure excellent guys!

Everyone enjoying..

The day after we went to Lamai Elementary School to pick up 200 kids to have a "kids day". Fantastic day!

Getting ready for a convoy from the school.

Choppar & Steven enjoying and of course one of the two film team that was with us true this beautiful event, did shoot some film..

The kids getting the info about what to happen..

But first we had to check out the study room that we`re builing up with this charity event, and its getting great!

and the kids just love the computers..

getting ready..

And our service car is always on site

At Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort all the KIDS got ice cream..

And then the 101 Rider from Bangkok had an insane stunt show for all the kids

and these guys know how to handel the bike!

Back wheel, front wheel, no wheel, they did it..

Saturday @ 14:00 we had our convoy around the Island and this year we was 54 bikes. Fantastic!

And our first stop was at our good friend Potato V-Twin.

with our film crew in tow..

Luckily the rain didn`t hit us one time during the ride!

a good day it was..

Convoy true Nathon..

Then we are arrive the clubhouse of Samui Rider MC..

Socialization and good storyes getting exchanged..

And as always totaly chaos in the streets..

Mr. Olaf on his Night Rod..

Then we all came to Ohm Cycles, who also is a sponsor during the FUN in the SUN RALLY and he also had the grand opening of his HD department.

In the Bar it was 100,-THB for all beer and 50% went to the charity. This couple of hour we made another 5000,-THB. Good work boys & girls!

105 year Anniversary Boy..

Our bike in need (at least in the traffic this day)..

More and more street Bob`s are showing up in Samui


Nice street glide..

And of course P`So, Samui Rider MC is always backing us up! This time he had Mr.X as his shotgun..

The man of the day who was responsible to clear the roads for us..

Many bikes and a whole lot of FUN (in the SUN)..

"Big wheels keep on turning, proud Mary keep on burning"

P`Learn on the run.

The beautiful and friendly staff @ Muligans Bar was always happy to see us when we came back from what ever we had done that day....(I think they had open untill 4 O`clock many times)

Some of our dear sponsors..

Mr. X in the service car and always happy.. Hangloose brother

There are some tough girls on Koh Samui as well. Here is Pattaporn on a nice bobber..

The locals are enjoying..

And the tourists are enjoying..

Our beloved bartenders on the beach bar..

and the girls was enjoing The Black Rose music..

Maipenrai MC does it again:  Why go outside to see if you can have it inside with aircon??

..and Maipenrai MC always involves both young and old in their games

Kjetil & the family Bertelsen from Sang Som Rider MC are enjoying...

Mr. Cato aka Sverre (R.I.P), in a love duet with The Black Rose..

Bike park for the night and it was alot of metal & chrome to look at..

Big thanks to Sang Som Rider MC who also have made this happen!

Thanks to Michael, HOG Malaysia..See ya`on Vol. 3.

Nice work 101 Rider...

You guys rock!

Big thanks also to Viper Room Bar, Lamai.

Jailhouse MC, nice Kurt

Dark Knight MC, you are always there and support!

Samui Rider MC, Fantastic bunch of people..

Sons of Cain MC, just super guys...we`ll meet again on the road and hopefully on Vol.3!

Potato V-Twin MC, thanks for the delicious food on our stop around the Island.

Our sponsor Thai Maten, Go hard!

Sponsor Active Media - Synnev├ąg Eiendom A/S, Big hug dacling

Thanks to Ohm Cycles and thanks for all the tires and quick change

Thank you to everyone who showed up at this amazing charity event and it is good to see that people are there when people start putting something positive together for other people. From the bottom of Maipenrai MC`s heart: Thank you so much!

You can also read more about this and what we do @

Thats it from FUN in the SUN RALLY Vol. 2 and we`ll see you all again on Vol. 3

Best regards,