Maipenrai MC in the media:

We are and have been in all sorts of media like Internet magazines to TV channels to magazines and here is some of it:

Nordic i Thailand 05.10.07

Nordic i Thailand 04.11.07

Nordic i Thailand 06.12.07

Nordic i Thailand 05.01.08

ScanBike nr.100 3/2010
ScanBike nr.101 4/2010
 ScanBike nr.102 5/2010
ScanBike nr.105 2/2011
ScanBike nr.106 3/2011
Appears on Thai-TV all 2012

Samui Express 06.feb 2012
ScanBike nr.112 2/2012
ScanBike nr.117 2/2013
Samui Times 18.nov 2013
ScanBike nr.124 3/2014

2 wheels 4 ever